conceito Load Carrier Manager

With the conceito Load Carrier Manager we simplify the work in the warehouse, both for the dispatcher and the warehouse worker. Via the app, every transfer of load carriers can be recorded quickly and mobilely. The data is automatically sent to the conceito load carrier cockpit where it can be evaluated.

How does the conceito Load Carrier work?

The driver or warehouse worker records all relevant data for the transfer of load carriers with the conceito Load Carrier-App. Inventory changes are simply recorded. All data is automatically transferred to the cockpit. In this way, real-time monitoring can be carried out at any time and the dispatcher receives transparency on current stocks and stock trends as well as on all receivables and liabilities with minimum effort.

Why switch to Load Carrier Management?

  1. exact account management of the load carriers per supplier
  2. immediate download of the app for Android possible
  3. no high implementation or operating cost
  4. you save time and effort of a comprehensive system implementation project

Key features:


  • Real-time acquisition of all load carrier data
  • Simple handling
  • Data transfer to cockpit



  • Real-time monitoring of load carriers and suppliers
  • Central data management
  • Balance display at the push of a button
  • History view for the inventory
  • Exact load carrier account management per supplier
  • supplier overview