conceito Tourviewer

The conceito TourViewer supports the scheduler in the daily planning of his delivery tours and in the maintenance of his general tour plan.

This is how the conceito TourViewer works:

All current delivery orders are transferred from the leading system (e.g. ERP, MMS, etc.) into the conceito TourViewer. The scheduler can generate current tours on the basis of the general tour information. By transferring the planning results back to the leading system, subsequent processes, such as picking or notification, can be supported.

The planned tours, including customer and order information, can be transferred to the conceito app GetMyOrdesDone for mobile order processing. This app supports the driver in paperless route processing and enables the dispatcher realistic tracking and tracing.


  • Calculation of framework tours or creation of planning scenarios
  • Manual modification of tours by drag & drop in list and map sequence optimization, routing
  • Optional: Upgrade to tour optimization
  • Display of limit value violations (customer opening hours, tour duration, overloading, etc.)
  • Data import and export: EXCEL, XML or individual connection
  • Vehicle information: Capacity, operating times, technical equipment, type, costs, etc.
  • Interface to order processing app GetMyOrdersDone