Knowing where your customer is and what interests him at the moment - and then informing him on the spot about your products or exhibits: this is what INA does. With the help of iBeacon technology, INA can determine the exact location of customers and provides relevant, location-related information. By that, customers receive exactly the information they had to search for or might have even missed completely up to now - bo active customer service needed.

Use this technology at your point of interest - whether in presentation rooms, exhibitions, along routes and tours or for training purposes. Your visitors experience content in a digital way, no matter if pictures, audio content or live demos.

The technical basis is the combination of an app (Android, iOS) and iBeacons, small Bluetooth transmitters that can be easily attached to any object.

Configure the INA Framework according to your individual needs and generate long-term added value.


  • White-Label - for individualised design and customised content
  • Data analysis of visitor behaviour and peaks of interest
  • Available for iOS and Android

Our services:

  • Individualisation of the app
  • Installation of the iBeacons
  • Support of the app after go live
  • Content creation (optional)