With MIA, paper checklists, manual copying and an imprecise documentation in quality inspection and quality assurance are a thing of the past. With the help of MIA you can record defects directly at the test object and synchronise them with the cloud. No need to fill out paper forms and digitalize them afterwards. Take pictures of the test object – either with a tablet or with AR glasses – and automatically upload them to the cloud together with your inspection results. Administrate all inspections centrally and assign them to your validators. After the inspection is completed you receive detailed results as well as automatically generated inspection reports.

MIA can do that and much more. Interested? Kindly contact us for a noncommittal exchange.


Software bundle:

  • MIA-Client: On-site digital inspection - for tablet and/or AR glasses
  • MIA-Quality-Manager: Definition of test procedures, project administration and evaluation of inspection result and reports
  • MIA-Cloud: Database for data collection and synchronization

You can find further information on the MIA product website of our development partner casonex.

Our services:

  • Introduction and training
  • Operation in the cloud
  • Provision of hardware (optional)